Conscious choice of space agency esa for circular design of TRIBOO

Massaro: 'We chose this furniture because it is made of worthless waste that would otherwise have made an impact on our planet. Now they have become cool and fun furniture.

Space organisation European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen TRIBOO to help with the circular design of various meeting rooms. At the ESTEC site, a space near the reception was transformed into 6 sustainable circular meeting places.

Over 125,000 people visit the high-tech campus every year. Their first meeting with ESTEC employees often takes place in one of these rooms. ESTEC wanted an atmosphere that suited the innovative character and sustainable aspirations of the organisation.

Marco Massaro, Head of Division: 'ESA is engaged in research and innovation and an important part of the programme is that we look after and protect our planet. So this project is a modest contribution here on the ground to ESA's grand ambition.

Together with ESA, TRIBOO set to work to illustrate ESA's three fields of activity with suitable materials. These fields are land, the oceans and the atmosphere.

SaysMassaro, "We chose this furniture because it was made from worthless waste that otherwise would have made an impact on our planet. Now they have become cool and fun furniture. All those thousands of employees and visitors who will use the rooms will see the story, and read it, and possibly be inspired to do the same.'

What is special about this project is that all the rooms have been given their own atmosphere. This has been achieved by telling the story of the raw materials used for the furniture on a full wall. Together with a designer, visuals were created that stimulate the user of the space to think and inspire.