Circular furnishing

We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment

Worthless waste

We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment. We ensure that raw materials never go to waste again.


In everything we do, we build harmony between humans and nature. We do this by taking responsibility.

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Circular furnishing

Circular furnishing means furnishing in a very healthy, responsible and therefore circular way. In just four clear steps, circular furnishing with a unique circular design can take shape. By choosing this way of furnishing, you give value to your waste, because you can make beautiful and unique furniture from waste and the existing raw materials that can be used for the furnishings. Moreover, in this way you contribute to the realisation of a waste-free society.

Circular furnishing

However, before you start furnishing and have chairs, tables, cupboards, lighting and also accessories made from waste, you go through a clear step-by-step plan. Everything in the process has been thought through, and it is extremely important to realise furnishings that fully reflect the identity of your company or office. Together with a specialist in the field of circular furnishing, workshops are held to find out exactly what that identity is. Only when this is clear can we work on transforming seemingly worthless waste into valuable furniture for a circular interior.

Circular design

The actual production phase is of course important in the creation of the circular furnishings. Or, as the specialist himself says, 'upcycling waste into a high-profile interior'. Raw materials are extracted from your waste to create a sustainable interior. This way, value is given to waste and waste changes from an annoying cost item to something of real value. During the third phase - the use phase - the specialist will assist you in maintaining your facility. The raw materials are kept in shape and it is ensured that the circular furnishings move with the organisation. The fourth step is the take-back phase. No more throwing away has become the motto for your organisation and we constantly monitor whether the furnishings still meet expectations.

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