Circular furniture

We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment

Worthless waste

We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment. We ensure that raw materials never go to waste again.


In everything we do, we build harmony between humans and nature. We do this by taking responsibility.

Valuable office equipment

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Circular furniture is produced using raw materials from our waste. It is cellulose waste fibres and plastics with a dash of creativity and engineering that create circular furniture that scores and can compete with all other furniture, and even win.

In any case, circular furniture meets the highest standards of design. And meanwhile, the supply of circular furniture is increasing. However, it is mainly customised work. Because your circular furniture needs to be in line with what you stand for as a company.

Circular furniture

Anyone who thinks that the supply of circular furniture is limited is wrong. In fact, even when it comes to circular furniture, customisation is possible and a circular interior can be realised that fully matches the identity of your company.

Besides that there is a supply of circular furniture that can compete with all other types of furniture perfectly. The possibilities are great and diverse. Moreover, the products that fall under the heading of circular furniture are strong and solid. The furniture is always unique and healthy, healthy for you and healthy for the earth.

Furniture Circular

If we look at circular furniture and forget for a moment the customisation that can be done, then you come across a range of circular chairs and stools that will do the job very well. The range of circular tables available is even more impressive. The tennis conference table should certainly be mentioned in this context - a table that combines the useful with the pleasant. The communal table in the canteen and the cross and caterpillar tables available turn any office into a much nicer place.

Circular stools and circular cupboards? The range of these product groups is also large and growing. Circular furniture also includes circular lighting and you can complete your office with circular planters and circular accessories. These latter categories are also on the rise and are developing at a furious pace. They give every office the healthy finishing touch.

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With healthy and strong circular furniture using less material and Co2!

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