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Together, we set the circular economy in motion and work towards the waste-free society of the future.

Circular Leaders

What started with viewing a 3D printed tulip vase and then driven by commitment and enthusiasm, many more circular solutions turned out to be possible, which were eventually realized in the building. TRIBOO gave "working together on housing" a much broader dimension and a story to go with it.
Paul Smulders
Project leader installation renovation main building Province of South Holland
Province House South Holland
Pieter and Peter find it very interesting and fun to work with TRIBOO. They deliver products that are completely in line with our circular objectives. They take us along in the development and knowledge of materials, binding techniques and modular constructions made on Dutch soil. They simply show us what it is made of and that appeals. They also help us tell "the circular story".
Pieter Lems and Peter Jansen
Strategy & Development | Facility Management
Nationale Nederlanden
Massaro: 'We chose this furniture because it is made of worthless waste that would otherwise have made a negative impact on our planet. Now the waste has become cool and fun furniture. All those thousands of employees and visitors who will be using the rooms will see the story, read it, and may be inspired to do the same'.
Marco Massaro
Head of Division, European Space Agency
European Space Agency