Social Impact Factory again chooses as-a-service formula for circular office incorporation location Amsterdam

The third location of the Social Impact Factory in Amsterdam is a fact! The perfect base on the edge of the city: conveniently located within the ring road, close to the A2, A9 and A10 motorways and easily accessible by public transport. In the circular design of the office, by Ivar Davids and Carlijn Grinwis, a conscious decision was again made not to buy but only to pay for use.

By choosing furniture as a service from TRIBOO, the quality and affordability of the circular and innovative interior received a huge boost. Talking 3D printed tables made from various waste residues add an extra dimension to the meetings and gatherings organized to solve social problems. Together, the two organizations ensure that raw materials never go to waste again. They always come back to TRIBOO at the end of their useful life, and at the end of their life they make circular products again from the same raw materials.  

A total of 56 #greengridz Old Fashion workstations were supplied with the circular design. Electrically adjustable DUO sit-stand desks where the innovative lightweight desktops are finished with laminates made from recycled jeans, old suits and hospital clothes. The perfect circular match with Interstuhl's PURE office chair saves 18 pounds of material per workstation on the desk and 7.5 pounds on the chair. In total, over 25 kilos less material is used per circular workplace than traditional solutions offered as standard in the market.

Upon entering, the IVY and ROOTS bar tables 3D printed from waste streams with #greengridz tabletops measuring three and two and a half meters in length immediately catch the eye. The frames of the tables are printed from the plastic waste streams of PET and natural fibers of hemp. TRIBOO thus introduces a new visual language into the office environment that flawlessly shapes the circular economy and society without waste. The raw material of the table frame is 100% reusable as a material to make other furniture and the #greengridz table tops save 60% CO2 and can be turned into activated carbon for water and air filters through pyrolysis at the end of their lifespan.

What gives meetings an extra dimension and makes them fun again are the 58 delivered #greengridz game on folding tables. The finish on the tops of the tops are games you can play with your whole team. Great for when you need to find your focus again when the tension arc has been reached. Goose board, chess, checkers, table tennis can all be played on a larger scale. And after a fun distraction, you can get back to meeting effectively. The tables can be set up as a large game but can also be used individually for maximum flexibility.  


The building of Social Impact Factory Amsterdam is part of the larger complex the Kauwgomballenfabriek. The name comes from the very first chewing gum factory in the Netherlands. Brothers Jules and Robert Markus started the factory in 1948 under the name "Maple Leaf. The name is a tribute to the Canadians who not only liberated our country, but also introduced the gum product to the Netherlands. The brothers saw great potential in the concept of chewing gum. Well-known brands like Sportlife produced their chewing gum in this factory. The factory closed in 2003 after many successful years and the entire area was transformed in 2008.

This beautiful 1,300 m2, three-story industrial building has plenty of space and natural light. For your flexible workplace to your own office space. And for meetings with your team to events with large groups. With us in the 'Kauwgomballenfabriek' you can do the following:

- 8 meeting rooms from 4 to 40 people

- 50 workstations, both flexible and fixed

- several in-house offices with 4 to 8 workstations

- large central reception for events, drinks and walking dinners for up to 100 people