Circular design furniture

We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment

Worthless waste

We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment. We ensure that raw materials never go to waste again.


In everything we do, we build harmony between humans and nature. We do this by taking responsibility.

Valuable office equipment

We put revolutionary innovations in motion to make maximum impact. Will you join us?

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 The most beautiful circular design furniture


Perhaps when you think of circular furniture, you think of used furniture that doesn't look very nice. However, this need not be the case at all. On the contrary! At Triboo we make circular design furniture. These are made of reusable raw materials that are innovatively transformed into a beautiful material. So you will find circular design furniture that will not look out of place in any office. Take a look at our range to see what we have to offer. We are always ready to tell you more about our furniture and working methods.


A piece of designer furniture that is circularly made

We believe it is important to make products that do not have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, we use materials that are made entirely from renewable raw materials. This means that less material needs to be extracted, less waste is produced and less CO2 is released. All reasons to choose the circular design furniture of Triboo. But another important reason to come and have a look in our webshop is the quality of our furniture. They look beautiful and will give you many years of pleasure at work.


Participating in the circular economy

Triboo is a company where thinking about the environment comes first. It is our philosophy to turn worthless waste into valuable circular design furniture. To ensure that raw materials are never lost again. We want to build on the harmony between man and nature and do so by taking responsibility. Would you like to know more about this? We would be happy to tell you more about what we stand for as a company. We can also go through our product range together with you to see which piece of circular design furniture would best suit your interior.

Join us and change the world

With healthy and strong circular furniture using less material and Co2!

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