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We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment

Worthless waste

We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment. We ensure that raw materials never go to waste again.


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Circular lighting

Circular lighting is part and parcel of a circular office layout. Your lighting can also be made from waste. It requires a dose of creativity and engineering, but by upcycling cellulose waste fibres and plastics, not only the most beautiful pieces of furniture are created, but also the most beautiful and best circular lighting. With circular furniture, circular furnishings and circular lighting you can create a special, healthy and unique workplace.

Circular Lighting

Circular lighting is part and parcel of a circular office layout. The raw materials stay where they are and your waste suddenly gains tremendous value. If we look at the range of circular lighting, we see four different types of lighting that can serve as examples for the lighting that will soon be seen in your office. The Bloown lamp is a striking example of circular lighting. This is a long, striking and completely hollow tube. The lamp is very strong and mainly offers a softer light. Fresnel circular lighting is also highly recommended and fits within any circular office design. This fresnel lamp can be considered a unique light object. And moreover; a pendant lamp does not look out of place in any office.

Lighting Circular

Lighting circular is also choosing the Bloown chandelier, perfect for the boardroom or reception area. The chandelier can also be called unique and is an eye-catcher amidst various other lamps. The Bloown wall lamp is also an asset for any office space. This wall lamp also consists of a long hollow tube. The Bloown wall lamp is very strong and also provides soft light in your office. Circular lighting is a full part of the range of circular furniture that consists of circular tables, stools, chairs and circular cupboards. The furniture is made from waste and makes for a much healthier working environment. The furniture, like the circular lighting, meets the highest standard in terms of design, quality and circularity.

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