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We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment

Worthless waste

We turn worthless waste into valuable circular office equipment. We ensure that raw materials never go to waste again.


In everything we do, we build harmony between humans and nature. We do this by taking responsibility.

Valuable office equipment

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Circular advice

To make new products, raw materials are not really needed at all. What is needed is to think differently. Or better: thinking completely differently and using the raw materials that are already available.

For example, raw materials that are already there - waste, with a value of 73,000,000 million euros - can be used perfectly well to realize a new design. Those who want to do so will first obtain circular advice in order to create, for example, step-by-step a healthy, circular, modular and remountable interior. A unique interior, in line with your corporate identity.

Circular Consulting

You can already work towards such a circular design in four steps. Four simple steps. Through circular advice from a professional party you are completely relieved. If you wish, the entire project can be taken out of your hands. The professional in circular consulting works in four clear steps towards the final goal. With a circular facility, waste gets a second life and waste wood, refrigerators, CDs, ocean plastic and paper, consumer plastic and natural fibers are eagerly used.

In this way, seemingly worthless waste acquires value after all. After all, it becomes valuable furniture and will soon form your circular furnishings. In any case, it assures you of a very healthy environment. It has also been proven that a fully circular environment enhances your proposition. You no longer store any CO2 and create your own very advantageous business case.

Circular Advising Establishment

Circular consulting design involves four clear and logical steps. The first stage in terms of circular consultancy is the design stage, where your identity serves as the starting point. The next step is the production phase. The motto is to upcycle waste and package it into a high-profile interior. Or in other words: raw materials are extracted from waste to make your 'new' interior. This immediately turns the waste costs into raw material yields.

Step 3 is the use phase, which is mainly about taking responsibility. The fourth step in the circular consultancy process is the so-called take back phase. The design is then ready, but never finished. Forbidden to throw away is the motto.

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With healthy and strong circular furniture using less material and Co2!

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